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Rocks Pirates Arrive in God Valley in One pc 1096 Preview

The Rocks Pirates are explored fully in One Piece chapter 1096.

Rocks Pirates One Piece chapter 1096


VIDEO: One Piece 1096 Preview Rocks Pirates Arrive In God Valley
Kugimiya Senpai
  • Chapter 1096 of One Piece reveals Kuma and Ivankov's plan to escape God Valley, where they are slaves, by stealing and consuming Devil Fruits.
  • The Rocks Pirates make their long-awaited appearance in this chapter, with members like Big Mom and Kaido showing up, but not Rocks himself.
  • Kuma, Ivankov, and Ginny successfully acquire the targeted Devil Fruits and escape, with Kuma potentially becoming the king of the Sorbet Kingdom. The whereabouts of Ginny are unclear.

One Piece chapter 1096 is almost upon the fans and it is time to get excited because spoilers and leaks about the chapter have started to flow in. One Piece has been incredibly exciting over the course of the last few weeks as the Egghead Island arc is hitting its climax now. In the previous chapter, Oda started a flashback through Bonney, which tackles the entire life of Kuma from birth to the point where he's right now.

Fans got to see quite a bit of it and it is sure to continue in One Piece chapter 1096 as has been confirmed by the leaks. This chapter is absolutely incredible and quite easily has the potential to be one of the very best in the entire manga.

Kuma and Ivankov's Plan

Kuma buccaneer one piece 1095

One Piece chapter 1096 will see Kuma and Ivankov working together. This was quite evident and fans pretty much expected these two characters to become good friends and devise some sort of plan to escape from God Valley. Kuma, Ginny, and Ivankov are all slaves. These characters are doomed right from the get-go, that is, unless they forge their own destinies by attempting to run away. That is exactly what they do in One Piece chapter 1096 and they formulate a proper plan to pull it off. It is revealed in this chapter of the story that the price for the native hunting games on God Valley are Devil Fruits.

This was widely speculated over the course of the last 2 weeks and it appears that it is true, after all. Specifically, there are some fruits that fans especially hear the mention of in One Piece chapter 1096. These are the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, which currently belongs to Kuma, and, of course, the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu, which belongs to Kaido. Both of these Devil Fruits were the ultimate price in the native hunting games and it was decided that Kuma and his group would steal and consume them, which would then give them powers and possibly an opportunity to escape from the island.

The Arrival Of The Rocks Pirates in God Valley

Featured One Piece Rocks Pirates Members Xebec Whitebeard Kaido

The vast majority of the fans knew that the Rocks Pirates would be coming to God Valley in the next few chapters and that is precisely what happened in One Piece chapter 1096. The Rocks Pirates have finally made an appearance and it is believed to be an incredibly exciting moment for the fans to witness. Unfortunately, Rocks himself is not revealed in this chapter at all. Fans do not get to see the legendary pirate that they have waited years for, however, at the same time, it must be remembered that every other member of the Rocks Pirates makes an appearance in this chapter. Fans get to see the likes of Big Mom and even Kaido and, among some surprises, there is even Elder Nyon, who is revealed to be a former member of the Rocks Pirates in this chapter.

Fans do not know much about the Rocks Pirates, other than the fact that they had no unity at all and just did whatever they wanted to do individually. Apparently, that is exactly what is shown in One Piece chapter 1096 as, immediately after landing in God Valley, this Pirate crew works in individual factions and attempts to do their own thing.

The Stolen Devil Fruits

Luffy Kaido Big Mom and Yamato's Devil Fruits

While it is unclear as to how Kuma and Ivankov acquire the Devil Fruits that they targeted, it is believed that they successfully managed to do so. Kuma has his Paw Paw Fruit, while Ivankov gets the Uo Uo mo Mi, Model: Seiryuu. However, the latter does not get to eat this Devil Fruit simply because he's encountered by none other than Big Mom. Big Mom then takes this Devil Fruit away from him and keeps it to herself. As fans know, she eventually ends up giving it to Kaido on the day of the God Valley Incident and it is unknown if fans will get to see that happen or not.

On the other hand, Kuma does get to eat his Devil Fruit and he gains the powers of the Paw Paw Fruit, which fans have seen in action many times throughout the series. It is believed that Kuma is then encountered by Saturn. It is unknown what exactly transpires between these two characters once they meet, and fans will have to wait for the final chapter to come out to actually figure that out. Nonetheless, the goal is a partial success for this group and opens up a way for their escape. With the powers of Kuma's Devil Fruit, even escaping the grasp of someone like Saturn would become possible and that is exactly what this group would likely bet on. Unfortunately, the spoilers don't exactly make it clear what happens here and fans will have to wait and see for themselves.

Kuma, Ivankov, And Ginny Escape

Ivankov jinny one piece 1096

After acquiring the power of one of the two Devil Fruits that they targeted, the goal of these three friends is to finally escape. It is unknown how exactly they manage that, however, given that Kuma has the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, one would assume that he ended up using this power on himself and his friends to escape from the island. According to One Piece chapter 1096 spoilers, the three are then seen in the Sorbet Kingdom, which is where Kuma was born. Kuma then likely becomes the king of Sorbet kingdom and fans already know that he was known as the tyrant at one point as well.

If the flashback continues, fans will likely get to see Dragon make a move as well and he will then meet up with Ivankov and Kuma at some point. It is unclear what happens to Ginny later on, and hopefully, the flashback will explain her current whereabouts, if she is alive.

As far as Kuma's story goes, that's all fans see in One Piece chapter 1096, according to the leaks. However, other characters are also tackled in this chapter, such as Garp and Roger. Fans get to see Garp being sent to God Valley, which sets up the stage for the exciting confrontation against Rocks. Meanwhile, Roger is also seen in action and it is believed that he has his old straw hat around this time which he wears around his neck, just like Luffy. It is unknown how the flashback will proceed from here onwards and if fans will even get to see the God Valley Incident take place. Judging by the fact that the characters whose point of view fans were following or not on the island anymore, it is highly unlikely. Nonetheless, this chapter is absolutely immense and fans cannot wait to read through and dissect it.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1096, is set to be October 29, 2023.

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